Should You Get Your Cat Spayed Or Neutered?

Should You Get Your Cat Spayed Or Neutered?

There are a few things to account for when you are getting ready to invite a new feline friend into your home. You will have to consider whether you want separate litter boxes or a shared litter box, you will have to find a way to get the cats in your home to treat each other with respect, and much more.

Before you get your cat, or right after you get it, you will have to make one of the biggest decisions of your pet’s life. You will have to determine whether you would like to get your cat fixed before taking them into your home as a member of your family.

Getting a pet fixed has been a matter of fierce debate by pet owners over the years. While the flames of the debate have mostly died down, there are still proponents of both sides.

Before we go over why or why not you may wish to get your cat spayed or neutered, we will go over exactly what it means to get your cat fixed (these terms are interchangeable). It would be a shame to go over the pros and cons of these procedures without some of our readers even knowing what we are talking about.

What Are Spaying And Neutering?

The term "fixing" can be used for both spaying and neutering, but the two latter terms are gendered. Neutering is reserved for male cats while female cats are spayed. Both of these are ways to have your cat sterilized, and each of them involves different surgical procedures.

Cat Spay Operation

When a tom is neutered, it will have its genitals surgically removed. Both the penis and the testes will be removed from your male cat at an early age. The neutering process tends to be less risky than getting a female cat spayed, but both of these procedures are now so safe that they are almost routine.

Spaying, on the other hand, is the feline (or canine, for that matter) equivalent of a hysterectomy of the ovaries. If you are not familiar with medical procedures, this is a surgery in which the ovaries are removed. This is an efficient way to sterilize a female cat without an overly complicated surgery.

Pros To Neutering Your Cat

There are many positive aspects to having a tomcat neutered even though the procedure may seem a little terrifying at first. There is the obvious advantage that your tom will not be able to get another cat pregnant, which is a very real possibility that you may wish to avoid.

Since your cat will no longer have testicles, he will be at less of a risk for diseases. Testicular cancer becomes impossible, which improves your cat’s overall likelihood for a healthy life. The neutering procedure also reduces the risk of your cat developing prostate cancer.

Neutering Your Cat Pros

One of the main reasons that owners prefer to neuter male cats is because they will be much less aggressive. Due to the reduced mating drive, your cat will be less competitive towards others, and it will not feel the need to mark its territory. A neutered cat is often a calm cat.

Cons To Neutering Your Cat

Of course, getting your cat neutered always runs the risk of complications in the surgery. If you are not prepared for your cat to be potentially injured by the procedure, you may wish to avoid it. Thankfully, this is not much of an issue as the process has been slowly refined over the years.

Keep in mind that surgery is still an invasive procedure and your cat may never be the same after you have him neutered. If you do not mind having a cat who is more boisterous, feel free to leave him unfixed. Of course, you will also want to avoid fixing your cat if you eventually want kittens.

Sprayed Cats

Since your cat will be less excitable after being neutered, it is likely that it will gain weight since it expends less energy. You may wish to cut back on the amount of food that you serve your cat after you get it neutered. There is also the ethical dilemma of having a cat sterilized, but this is up to the pet owner.

Pros To Spaying Your Cat

For owners of female cats, pregnancy is a much more prevalent concern since they are the ones who will have to find a place for the kittens. If you do not want to contribute to the problem of pet overpopulation, ensure that your cat is spayed before it can get pregnant.

Cat Pregnancy

Some cats are spayed by removing the ovaries, and others have the uterus removed as well. Depending on your choice, your cat will have less of a risk of cancer in these areas or none at all. If you want your cat to live as long as possible, spaying it may be an excellent choice.

When your cat is spayed, it will no longer go into heat so it can seek out mates. This means that your cat will always be at the same energy level which makes things easier for you as its owner.

Cons To Spaying Your Cat

The disadvantages to getting your cat spayed are similar to the ones for getting toms neutered. If you are only going to have one cat at home, you may not have to worry about getting it fixed since there will be no potential mates.

Cat Single

Since female cats are less likely to spray, fixing them loses out on a crucial advantage for owners of single cats. If you do not feel like getting your pet fixed is the right moral choice, we would recommend opting for a female since they will give you less trouble than a tom.


As you can see, both sides have relatively solid arguments. In the end, the decision is up to the owner since we don’t know your circumstances at home. If you have multiple cats, you may prefer to get them fixed, but a single unfixed cat can be manageable.




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